Record and understand my menstrual cycle

Whether short, long or irregular - OvulaRing tells you how your cycle ticks

There is no standard cycle, but many different cycle types. No matter whether your cycle is short, long or irregular, OvulaRing can identify your individual cycle patterns and help you to better understand the processes within your body. OvulaRing maps the entire menstrual cycle. In other words this means that you can see whether your cycle is healthy or if hormonal cycle disorders exist – independent of cycle length and regularity. Further you can compare your cycles to one another at a glance and note characteristics in the menstrual cycle diary.

Getting to know your cycle

Schwanger werden mit dem OvulaRing Temperaturmessging
Wearing OvulaRing

OvulaRing is inserted into the vagina immediately after menstruation, worn for the entire cycle and only removed to transfer the data. Inside the body, OvulaRing automatically measures and stores your core body temperature every 5 minutes. OvulaRing is not noticeable and you can continue to do all your normal activities and enjoy your life.

OvulaRing has no side effects and has been tested for its good tolerability as part of its approval as a medical product.

Transfer data to the app

To transmit the data, take out the OvulaRing. The sensor automatically switches to Bluetooth mode outside the body and sends your temperature data encrypted to the app. Your data is always secure and cannot be accessed by third parties. After that you simply continue to wear OvulaRing. How often you transfer the data is up to you.

For natural birth control, we recommend that you take OvulaRing out every day and transfer data until the app tells you that the fertile days for this cycle are over.

Schwanger werden mit der OvulaRing App
Zyklus auswertung und schwanger werden
Evaluating your cycle

You can view all the important information about your cycle in the app or in the web-based software. In the first menstrual cycle, OvulaRing gets to know you. You find out exactly when you ovulated. From the second cycle onwards, you will always find out your current fertility status after transferring new data and thus know how likely it is that you will become pregnant on the respective day.

In addition, OvulaRing tells you when the fertile days for the current cycle is over. After the 3rd cycle, the software calculates a forecast for your ovulation and your fertile days in the next cycle.

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Take control of your own fertility and get to know your cycle better. Whether you are looking to get pregnant, support natural birth control or simply find out how your cycle ticks.

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