“Best cycle tracker” – OvulaRing receives German Health Award 2023

Deutscher Gesundheites-Award für OvulaRing - bester Zyklustracker 2023


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OvulaRing was awarded the German Health Award for the second time in a row. The medical cycle tracker was once again able to prevail in the category “cycle tracker/computer” and secured first place.

The German Health Award of the German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel ntv shows which providers from the health sector are leading. For this purpose, the companies most popular with customers were awarded on September 7, 2023.

OvulaRing awarded for the second time in a row

“The first place in the category “cycle tracker/computer” is a very special honor for us, because the German Health Award is decided solely by our customers,” says Managing Director Sebastian Alexander. The special thing about this is that the award for “Best Cycle Tracker” went to OvulaRing for the second time in a row! This makes OvulaRing the only cycle tracker to have received the award twice in a row.

We, the entire OvulaRing team, are very grateful and proud of this wonderful award. Thank you for voting for us! Because the basis for the award as “Best Cycle Tracker” is the vote of a large survey with about 45,000 customer votes. We are very honored that our work has now been recognized by this great feedback.

OvulaRing – with passion for women’s health

We are really happy about the first place as best cycle tracker. Thank you for your trust, your support and the overwhelming feedback that accompanies us every day! All this is a positive confirmation for us that we have already reached important milestones in the field of women’s health. Your support and suggestions motivate us every day anew to give our best for our community and women’s health. Therefore, this award does not only belong to us, but goes to all who do valuable work in women’s health! We are very much looking forward to shaping the coming year together with you.

German Health Award 2023 – this is how the vote was taken

The survey examined customer satisfaction in the areas of value for money, product range and customer service. The quality and benefits of the products, the variety of offerings, and reliability were taken into account, for example. In addition, accessibility by phone, chat, e-mail and via social media channels was also included in the survey. Furthermore, responses to customer inquiries were evaluated in terms of the competence of the advice and friendliness as well as the willingness of customers to recommend the company to others. All these points and many more were included in the final results.

A total of 44,996 customer votes were received during the survey. A total of 623 companies were evaluated in 68 categories; only the providers with at least 80 votes each were included in the individual evaluation. That was 472 companies in the end. OvulaRing took first place as “Best Cycle Tracker”.

This is OvulaRing

OvulaRing is the medical cycle tracker for accurate calculation of your ovulation and determination of your fertile days. Thanks to the patented method with vaginal temperature sensor, OvulaRing is suitable for all cycle types. As a certified medical device with app, OvulaRing is easy to use and as comfortable as a tampon.

What does the award mean for OvulaRing for the future?

We at OvulaRing are doing everything we can to ensure the continued satisfaction of our customers. And maybe we will be able to win the prize again next year. Until then, we have a lot of plans and are passionate about improving OvulaRing and our service for you. With the German Health Award 2023, we are once again taking positive steps towards the future and look forward to everything we will still achieve.

The exchange with you is close to our heart

We are always open to your feedback and are very interested in your personal experiences. Numerous satisfied customers have already sent us their personal stories. Whether it’s a successful infertility story or your OvulaRing experience to support natural contraception.

You have feedback for the OvulaRing team?

We are very interested in improving OvulaRing for you and take the wishes of our customers seriously. So you have feedback for us? Wonderful! We will be happy to receive your messages and suggestions here.

OvulaRing receives excellent ratings


Press Release German Health Award 2023 (german) DISQ Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität

Results German Health Award 2023 (german) DISQ Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität / ntv

OvulaRing receives Health Award 2022 (german) DISQ Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität / ntv


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