The OvulaRing app - for iOS, Android and in the browser

OvulaRing makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your cycle health anytime, anywhere. OvulaRing is a modern cycle monitor, Bluetooth cycle tracker and cycle app all in one. Whether you want to get pregnant or are looking for a safe way to support natural contraception as part of natural family planning. For easy data transfer, we have developed the OvulaRing Bluetooth Sensor with App. The data is simply transferred via your iPhone or Android smartphone. In the app you have an overview of your cycles and receive your evaluations depending on the purpose of use. You have the full flexibility to evaluate your cycles at any time, no matter where you are.


For iPhone and iPad from iOS
Version 13.


For Android Smartphones and
Tablets from Android Version 6.


The OvulaRing app is also available via your web browser.

Get to know your cycle with the OvulaRing app

Schwanger werden mit dem OvulaRing Temperaturmessging
Wearing OvulaRing

OvulaRing is inserted into the vagina like a tampon at the end of your period. Independent of external influences, it automatically records the temperature inside your body every 5 minutes, generating your individual fertility pattern.

Transfer data to the app

The data is transferred to the OvulaRing App directly via Bluetooth. You have access to your personal software account at all times and from anywhere. The security of your data has the utmost priority here.

Schwanger werden mit der OvulaRing App
Zyklus auswertung und schwanger werden
Evaluating your cycle

The app uses medical algorithms to analyze your cycle. Alongside cycle length, ovulation and length of cycle phase, your conception probability and an ovulation prognosis for the following month are also displayed.

Recognize fertile days and get pregnant faster

With OvulaRing you can see if your cycles are healthy and fertile. The chances of pregnancy are greatest with sex 2 days before ovulation. Thus, the right timing is crucial for your desire to have a child to come true quickly.

81% of women who want to have children, who specifically monitor their cycle, become pregnant within 6 months.* OvulaRing users, however, need on average only 3.8 months until the desired pregnancy.

OvulaRing App Overview

Do you have any questions about the OvulaRing App?

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