A dream comes true: Success stories of fulfilled desire to have children

Getting pregnant is a special and personal wish that many women and couples have. But the path to a fulfilled desire for a child can also be difficult and rocky. However, many wonderful experiences show how it can be possible, even despite difficulties such as PCO syndrome, luteal weakness, irregular cycles or unsuccessful IVF attempts to fulfill the desire to have children.

Here we share stories of OvulaRing users who were able to fulfill their dream of getting pregnant despite different challenges. Be inspired and discover in the experiences what was supportive during the childbearing period and what was not.

Julia: Pregnant naturally after miscarriage and despite PCOS

In the case of an unfulfilled desire to have children, the woman is usually in the foreground. But men also want to have children and suffer when it doesn’t work out with getting pregnant or their partner suffers a miscarriage. One of many is Marco …

Anastasia: Got pregnant quickly with OvulaRing as a lesbian mom

“For same-sex couples who wish to have children, the right timing of fertilization plays a crucial role. One method of artificial insemination to achieve pregnancy in this regard is home insemination or self-insemination …”

Lisa: Despite endometriosis, unsuccessful IVFs and with only one fallopian tube pregnant with OvulaRing

“My name is Lisa and I am 31 years old. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 23. My disease was already very extensive, meaning that other organs were also affected. Numerous operations and an artificial anus were the result. Unfortunately, there were always relapses, since this disease is not yet curable …”

Bettina: Pregnant naturally after unsuccessful IVF

“My name is Bettina, I am a shareholder at VivoSensMedical and responsible for marketing & sales at OvulaRing. The reason why I work for OvulaRing has to do with my own personal history. But from the beginning: I didn’t have a normal standard cycle even as a young girl …”

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... and thus help other women and couple to fulfill the desire to have children.

You can imagine sharing your own infertility story here? We know that every path to fulfilled the desire for a child is a personal and very private thing. And yet other women and couples could benefit from it, so as not to lose heart. Therefore, we would like to publish other pregnancies as testimonials here. If you are interested, please contact the OvulaRing team directly via e-mail.

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