How OvulaRing works

Basal temperature is outdated, OvulaRing works with pattern recognition

OvulaRing is a completely new, patented method of monitoring your cycle - developed by gynaecologists and subjected to multiple clinical studies. Using a vaginal biosensor, OvulaRing records your core body temperature continuously and automatically. Without the need for tiresome morning temperature taking. Instead of one measurement, OvulaRing records 288 measurements a day, thus enabling a much more precise observation of your cycle, independent of cycle length and external influences such as stress, sleep, sport or nutrition. Medical algorithms evaluate the data and identify your individual cycle and fertility pattern. With OvulaRing you can discover if you are ovulating or if there is an indication of a hormonal cycle disorder. In addition, you can view your daily likelihood of conceiving in real time and view a forecast for ovulation in the subsequent cycle.

Get to know your cycle now

OvulaRing is more than a cycle tracker

OvulaRing is suitable for all cycle types:

Is your cycle ultra-short, extremely long or irregular? Continuous measurement means that OvulaRing can be used for all cycle types and it has been validated for the most diverse cycle types in 3 medical studies.

OvulaRing is practical and not noticeable

OvulaRing is simple to use and unnoticeable. When wearing OvulaRing you can still do sports, go in the sauna, have sex and enjoy your life. Automatic measurement within the body delivers precise findings, regardless of the rhythms that determine your life.

OvulaRing has been developed by gynaecologists and clinically tested

OvulaRing is based on 40 years of scientific research by renowned gynaecologists and reproductive health experts. The accuracy of OvulaRing has been proven in independent medical studies.

OvulaRing is not a basal thermometer

The patented OvulaRing method does not identify fertile days by means of the basal temperature. OvulaRing measures and analyzes core body temperature 288 times a day, enabling it to identify individual fertility patterns that allow a precise statement to be made regarding cycle activity.

OvulaRing analyzes your cycle and delivers results in real time

OvulaRing can tell you precisely whether you are ovulating and if your cycles are healthy. When OvulaRing has got to know your individual cycle pattern the evaluation software also analyses your likelihood of conceiving.

OvulaRing is free of hormones and side effects

OvulaRing works completely without hormones and is free of plasticisers and side effects. The high level of wearing comfort and tolerability of the material have been confirmed in multiple medical studies.

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* The ovulation prognosis is usually made for the fourth cycle, since three cycles with ovulation are required as learning cycles. If the ovulation day varies by more than 8 days in the successive cycles, no reliable forecast can be given. This does not affect the calculation of the daily conception probability, which is why OvulaRing can make precise statements even with irregular cycles.

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