How OvulaRing evaluates your cycles

How OvulaRing evaluates your temperature curve

Unlike the classic temperature method, OvulaRing records your cycle around the clock. The OvulaRing biosensor measures the temperature in the core of your body every 5 minutes. That’s 288 readings a day. This high-resolution measurement provides the basis for the exact evaluation of your cycle patterns, because a woman’s cycle is as unique as she is.

Through the many readings OvulaRing can detect your individual fertility patterns. These show up especially around the time of ovulation. The most striking feature of ovulation in the cycle is the increase in mean temperature by 0.2 to 0.5°C. But also the fluctuations of the temperature during the day can contain information about your cycle.
your cycle events. In addition, there are other characteristics in the cycle that are evaluated with the help of medical algorithms.

Due to the continuous measurement, OvulaRing maps the entire temperature course of the day. The daily temperature fluctuations are due to your activity patterns. When you sleep, the temperature drops and when you are active and moving, the temperature rises. OvulaRing’s ovulation detection is validated against ovulation detection by hormone determination in blood and ultrasound. OvulaRing detects ovulation with over 99% certainty.

How OvulaRing calculates your conception probability

OvulaRing uses several medical algorithms. Thus, OvulaRing can show you the time of ovulation in the past cycle with the highest accuracy, calculate your current fertility with current data and give you a forecast for your future ovulation.

Based on already recorded cycles, OvulaRing recognizes your very individual cycle patterns and can detect them, for example, in your current cycle with a high degree of certainty. OvulaRing evaluates the course of the basal body temperature, the course of the mean temperature, changes in daily patterns and much more.

There are about 6 days per cycle when you can get pregnant. This fertile phase includes the 4 days before ovulation, the ovulation day itself and the day after. The chances of pregnancy are highest 2 days before ovulation. Thus, determining when you ovulate is the most important part of calculating your fertile days. Since OvulaRing records your cycle every 5 minutes, the time of your ovulation can be determined as accurately as possible.

To predict your fertile days, it will determine the patterns that exist between your different cycles. These patterns are then used to calculate your next ovulation and fertile days, similar to a weather forecast, for your current cycle.

Please note that lifestyle changes, such as exercise, diet or illness, can affect the timing of ovulation and therefore the forecast may not always be accurate. We recommend that you always compare the forecast with the current probability of conception and observe other bodily symptoms such as cervical mucus as part of Natural Family Planning.

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