Instructions for your OvulaRing application

OvulaRing Hygiene Instructions

Great importance must be attached to hygiene when using OvulaRing. Please wash your hands each time before inserting or removing the OvulaRing.

The OvulaRing biosensor and plastic ring are supplied separately in a hygienically clean condition. Please do not remove the biosensor and plastic ring from the packaging until immediately before insertion.

Clean the biosensor and plastic ring thoroughly with one of the enclosed disinfectant wipes before each insertion.

After each removal of the biosensor from the body, it is sufficient to clean the sensor with mild ph-neutral soap under lukewarm running water. Then rinse the biosensor well with clear water and dry it.

When do I insert OvulaRing?

OvulaRing should be used no later than day 6 of your cycle. OvulaRing then continuously records the course of your temperature and has sufficient readings even if your fertile days are very early in the cycle.

OvulaRing is as easy to use as a tampon. Since the ring is made of a flexible plastic, you can easily squeeze it and then insert it deep into the vagina – without the help of your doctor.

You can remove OvulaRing during your period. However, insert it again on the 6th day of your cycle at the latest. If you are still bleeding slightly at this time, you can still insert OvulaRing.

In order for OvulaRing to be able to reliably detect your temperature patterns and give you a daily evaluation, as many values as possible should be recorded in the first cycle. However, if you have very long cycles, you may not want to wait until your new cycle starts. If you are still several weeks away from your expected bleeding, there is a very good chance that OvulaRing will be able to record your fertility patterns around the time of ovulation.

Please note: OvulaRing is a personalized medical device and therefore must not be given to another person.

When do I remove OvulaRing from the body?

You can take OvulaRing out of the body as often as you like and transfer data, for example. It does not matter at what time of day you do this. However, make sure that you reinsert OvulaRing after 1 hour at the latest, so that no large data gap occurs.

From the second cycle onwards, we recommend that you transfer the data daily a few days before the fertile phase was detected in the first cycle. For this purpose OvulaRing must be removed from the body. When new data is available, your probability of conception can be calculated on a daily basis.

If the app shows you that the fertile days for your current cycle are over, it is no longer necessary to remove the sensor and transfer the data every day. OvulaRing can remain in the body until the end of the cycle.

For hygienic reasons, the plastic ring should be replaced after 30 days of use at the latest. To do this, remove the sensor from the old ring and insert it into the new, disinfected plastic ring. This way you can continue wearing OvulaRing for the rest of your cycle.

OvulaRing should also be removed for menstruation. You can store the plastic ring and the sensor in the supplied box during your menstruation. Temperature readings during your period are less relevant to your fertility patterns.

Do you have other questions?

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