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You want to live hormone-free from now on and stop taking the pill? Great! These tips can gently support your body in the transition to a pill-free life!

1. observe your cycle

around 49% of all women have temporary menstrual disorders such as egg maturation disorders, Yellow body weaknesses or Cycles without ovulation. Your body needs an average of 6-12 months to bring the hormones back into balance. So watch your cycle very closely after stopping and track your symptoms. OvulaRing maps your very individual natural cycle and can tell you whether your cycles are healthy and fertile. So you can see exactly if and when your cycle will level off again after stopping the pill. You can also log your symptoms in the integrated cycle diary.

 2. make sure you eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals

The pill is a (micro)nutrient robber, as a result of which an imbalance of the mineral and vitamin balance can occur. This is mainly because the pill inhibits the absorption of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. As a result, B vitamins, especially vitamin B6, can be greatly reduced. On top of this, folic acid is broken down more quickly by the pill. In addition, there may be losses of the minerals zinc and magnesium on the one hand and vitamin D deficiency on the other. Therefore, pay special attention to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

3. relieve the liver and support the intestine

The liver suffers particularly from taking the pill, because it has to break down the artificial hormones every day. To relieve the liver, you should better avoid alcohol, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Not to be neglected is also sufficient sleep, since the body and also the liver recover especially at night and detoxification processes are intensified here. Bitter substances are also particularly good for your liver now. In addition, the pill also damages your intestinal flora, much like antibiotics do. However, a healthy intestine is crucial for your health and should not be neglected even if you want to have children. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, fiber and healthy carbohydrates are ideal to get your digestion going again.

4. stimulate your hormone production with lady’s mantle or monk’s pepper

After discontinuing the pill and the resulting hormone withdrawal, many women initially have no periods at all, while others report, for example, spotting or bleeding between periods, PMS and water retention. Apart from this, ovulation disorders, luteal weaknesses or cycles without ovulation can also occur. Women’s mantle and monk’s pepper have proven to be effective in restarting hormone production. It is best to consult your gynecologist or alternative practitioner for advice on the dosage.

5. give your body time

It can take quite a while for the artificially added hormones to be completely broken down again by the body. In addition, your body must now learn to produce hormones itself again. This means that it is completely normal that your body is not yet back to full strength and the natural cycle has settled again. So give your body the time it needs and support it with plenty of sleep, a healthy diet, some exercise, lots of fresh air and good stress management.


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