9 different mentsrual cycle types

Whether short, long or irregular - OvulaRing tells you how your cycle ticks

There is no one standard cycle, but many different types of cycles. Whether your cycle is short, long or irregular, OvulaRing can identify your individual cycle patterns and help you better understand what is going on in your body. With OvulaRing, your cycle is completely measured. This allows you to see if your cycles are healthy or if hormonal cycle disorders are present, regardless of cycle length and regularity. You can compare individual cycles at a glance and record special features in the cycle diary.

How to determine my menstraul cycle type

To determine your menstraul cycle type, you should be able to answer the following questions::
  1. How long is my menstrual cycle on average?
  2. How long is my luteal phase in the menstraul cycle?
  3. How much does my cycle length vary from cycle to cycle?
  4. How much does my ovulation day vary from cycle to cycle?
  5. How often do I have a menstrual cycle without ovulation?
  6. What strong external influences am I currently exposed to?

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How OvulaRing works

1. wear OvulaRing

OvulaRing - flexibler Kunststoffring und Biosensor - so einfach anzuwenden wie ein Tampon

OvulaRing is inserted into the vagina like a tampon when your period stops. Independent of external influences, it automatically records your temperature inside the body. A value is recorded every 5 minutes and your individual fertility patterns are recognized.

2. transfer data

OvulaRing Datenübertragung - Bluetooth Sensor einfach über smartphone auslesen

The recorded data is simply transferred with the OvulaRing app. The evaluation of your cycles is also displayed here. You can also keep a cycle diary and receive important information. The security of your data has top priority.

3. evaluate menstrual cycle

Temperaturkurve des weiblichen Zyklus - Ovularing Auswertung

The app analyzes your cycle with the help of medical algorithms. In addition to cycle length, ovulation day and length of the cycle phases, you are also offered medical evaluations. There is a daily conception probability and an ovulation forecast for the following month.

Do you still have questions about your menstrual cycle type?

Our customer service is here for you. You can reach us during our service hours on weekdays from 9 am – 4 pm. Write us a message or give us a call. You can find our contact details here:
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