Pill influenced menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle types

What happens after stopping the birth control pill?

How can OvulaRing help me after I stop taking the birth control pill?

Almost half of all women experience cycle problems after stopping hormonal contraceptives. Some women do not ovulate at first after stopping the pill. On average, your body needs about 6-12 months to stabilise your cycle. However, there are also women who are completely fertile again in the first cycle after stopping the pill.

OvulaRing maps your very individual natural cycle. The app can tell you for sure whether you are ovulating and when. So you can see exactly when your cycle has returned to normal after stopping the pill. So you’re well prepared, whether you want to get pregnant or are looking for support for natural birth control.

Stopping the birth control pill properly

If you want to stop taking the birth control pill, you should consider these 5 points. This will make the transition to your natural menstrual cycle easier:

  1. Keep a close eye on your cycle changes
  2. Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals
  3. Relieve the liver and support the intestines
  4. Restart your hormone production
  5. Give your body enough time

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How OvulaRing works

1. Wear OvulaRing

OvulaRing - flexibler Kunststoffring und Biosensor - so einfach anzuwenden wie ein Tampon

OvulaRing is inserted into the vagina like a tampon when your period stops. Independent of external influences, it automatically records your temperature inside the body. A value is recorded every 5 minutes and your individual fertility patterns are recognised.

2. Transfer data

OvulaRing Datenübertragung - Bluetooth Sensor einfach über smartphone auslesen

The recorded data is simply transferred with the OvulaRing app. The evaluation of your menstrual cycles is also displayed here. You can also keep a cycle diary and receive important information. The security of your data has top priority.

3. Evaluate cycle

Temperaturkurve des weiblichen Zyklus - Ovularing Auswertung

The app analyses your cycle with the help of medical algorithms. In addition to cycle length, ovulation day and length of the cycle phases, you are also offered medical evaluations. There is a daily probability of conception and an ovulation forecast for the following month.

OvulaRing is a medical cycle tracker and even more

Suitable for all menstrual cycle types

Is your cycle ultra short, extremely long or irregular? Thanks to the high resolution, continuous measurement, OvulaRing can be used for all cycle types and it has been validated for the most diverse cycle types in 3 medical studies.

Continuous measurement

The patented OvulaRing method does not identify fertile days by means of the basal temperature. OvulaRing measures and analyzes core body temperature 288 times a day, enabling it to identify individual fertility patterns that allow a precise statement to be made regarding cycle activity.

Practical and not noticeable

OvulaRing is simple to use and unnoticeable. When wearing OvulaRing you can still do sports, go in the sauna, have sex and enjoy your life. Automatic measurement within the body delivers precise findings, regardless of the rhythms that determine your life.

Analyzes your cycle and delivers results in real time

OvulaRing can tell you precisely whether you are ovulating and if your cycles are healthy. When OvulaRing has gotten to know your individual cycle pattern the evaluation software also analyzes your likelihood of conceiving.

Developed by gynaecologists and clinically tested

OvulaRing is based on 40 years of scientific research by renowned gynaecologists and reproductive health experts. The accuracy of OvulaRing has been proven in independent medical studies.

free of hormones and no side effects

OvulaRing works completely without hormones and is free of plasticisers and side effects. The high level of wearing comfort and tolerability of the material have been confirmed in multiple medical studies.

Do you have any questions how OvulaRing works?

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