The power of ovulation


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Women are subject to major hormonal fluctuations during their menstrual cycle. According to studies, circumstantial evidence is accumulating that female ovulation is reflected not only physically but also in woman’s behavior, with interesting consequences for everyday social life. Scientists are discovering more and more subtle female signals during a woman’s fertile phase. On the most fertile days, researchers have found effects ranging from barely perceptible changes in facial shape to greater assertiveness and desire to shop.


Scientists at the University of Bern have discovered how fertility is expressed in female faces. Using photos of fertile women, they constructed a kind of “ovulation archetype” with the help of a computer program and adapted other images of women to these templates. The result: although the changes in women’s facial features during the fertile phase are barely visible to the naked eye, men were very aware of the subtle nuances. Women on their most fertile days were rated as particularly attractive. In addition, men rated fertile women as more caring and flirtatious and assumed that they would be more willing to date. The reason for this appears to be a woman’s estrogen levels, which are highest at the time of ovulation.

Does fertility make you beautiful?

Exactly what changes in a woman’s external appearance during her menstrual cycle has not yet been conclusively researched. However, scientists suspect that changes in the color and size of the lips, the degree of pupil dilation and skin color play a role. The shape of the face changes minimally and the eyes sparkle. The facial features appear softer overall, movements become more fluid and slower overall, and the natural body odor of fertile women also now smells more seductive to men. Additionally, the texture of the hair can also provide information about the cycle, as can the tone of the woman’s voice.

The fertile woman

Fertile women also seem to behave differently in their interactions with other people. Some now shop differently and spend more money on nice clothes and cosmetics, dress more provocatively and spend more time on beauty procedures. After all, “woman” not only wants to attract the attention of the male sex but also subconsciously eliminate female competition. It has already been proven that women have more desire for sex around ovulation, i.e. on the most fertile days, thanks to high estrogen levels. Although the sending of clear signals occurs unconsciously, it is still perceived by potential sexual partners. Researchers also found that around ovulation, women are more competitive and assertive, but also more jealous.

Using the power of ovulation positively

So, should women put crucial dates such as job interviews, business negotiations, or important photo shoots on their calendars according to their cycle? If the schedule allows it: Yes! One would like to advise all women: Use the power of ovulation for yourself! Provided that the woman does not take hormonal contraceptives and is thoroughly familiar with her cycle phases. Our behavior as well as our interaction with other people are influenced every day by the interaction of our hormones. It is therefore all the more important to know your own menstrual cycle precisely and to use this knowledge positively. Find out how your menstrual cycle works and when you ovulate by using OvulaRing. Consciously benefit from the positive effects around ovulation! This is how Ovularing works.

Source: article Uniaktuell Bern; Is fertility readable in the face.


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