Natural contraception

Natural contraception - safe and hormone-free

Many women wish natural contraception method, since in contrast to hormonal birth control the natural processes of the body are not affected. The basis for safe, hormone-free birth control is the precise observation of specific physical indications that change over the course of the cycle. OvulaRing can help you to understand the changes in your body and thereby accurately identify the fertile phase, without the need to measure your basal body temperature each morning.

Getting to know your cycle

Supporting the symtothermal method with OvulaRing

With the symptothermal method, changes in the cervical mucus and body temperature in the cycle are monitored carefully. The combination of observation, documentation and evaluation of both symptoms enable the fertile days to be precisely identified with a little practice. If you wish to practice natural contraception, you must refrain from sexual intercourse during this phase or use mechanical contraception methods such as condoms or a diaphragm. OvulaRing takes on the temperature monitoring and evaluation role, helping you to practice the symptothermal method.

How does the temperature change in the course of the cycle?

Body temperature rises after ovulation with the simultaneous release of the hormone progesterone, increasing by 0.25 - 0.5 °C. If the temperature remains elevated for 3 days, you can be sure that ovulation has occurred and that the fertile phase is complete. OvulaRing detects the smallest changes in temperature even before ovulation and shows you your fertility window, without the need for morning temperature monitoring.

How does the cervical mucus change during the cycle?

The consistency and quantity of cervical mucus change during the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of oestrogen the cervical mucus becomes so thin that it could be drawn out like a thread and spun. Shortly before ovulation this spinnability is at its greatest and the secretion has maximum permeability for sperm. In contrast, in the infertile phase the cervical mucus is viscous and thick, making it barely permeable for sperm and germs. In the OvulaRing cycle diary you can document the changes in the cervical mucus precisely, enabling you to monitor it.

How can OvulaRing help me?

OvulaRing is a method for precisely determining fertile days, enabling optimal support of natural contraception. The continuous recording of your body temperature with 288 measurements per day enables your individual cycle pattern to be identified. Medical algorithms evaluate this and reliably indicate your daily conception probability in the software. More precise and reliable than with basal temperature measurement, you learn how your cycle works, regardless of the rhythms that you live your life to.

Get to know your cycle

These women use OvulaRing to support natural contraception

How OvulaRing works


Wearing OvulaRing

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OvulaRing is inserted into the vagina like a tampon at the end of your period. Independent of external influences, it automatically records the temperature inside your body every 5 minutes, generating your individual fertility pattern.


Updating data

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The data is transferred to the web-based evaluation software with a USB reading device. You have access to your personal software account at all times and from anywhere. The security of your data has the utmost priority here.


Evaluating your cycle

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The software uses medical algorithms to analyze your cycle. Alongside cycle length, ovulation and length of cycle phase, your conception probability* and an ovulation prognosis** for the following month are also displayed.

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Take control of your own fertility and get to know your cycle better. Whether you are looking to get pregnant, support natural contraception or simply find out how your cycle ticks.

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OvulaRing is more than a cycle tracker

OvulaRing is suitable for all cycle types

Is your cycle ultra short, extremely long or irregular? Thanks to the high resolution, continuous measurement, OvulaRing can be used for all cycle types and it has been validated for the most diverse cycle types in 3 medical studies.

OvulaRing is practical and not noticeable

OvulaRing is simple to use and unnoticeable. When wearing OvulaRing you can still do sports, go in the sauna, have sex and enjoy your life. Automatic measurement within the body delivers precise findings, regardless of the rhythms that determine your life.

OvulaRing has been developed by gynaecologists and clinically tested

OvulaRing is based on 40 years of scientific research by renowned gynaecologists and reproductive health experts. The accuracy of OvulaRing has been proven in independent medical studies.

OvulaRing is not a basal thermometer

The patented OvulaRing method does not identify fertile days by means of the basal temperature. OvulaRing measures and analyzes core body temperature 288 times a day, enabling it to identify individual fertility patterns that allow a precise statement to be made regarding cycle activity.

OvulaRing analyzes your cycle and delivers results in real time

OvulaRing can tell you precisely whether you are ovulating and if your cycles are healthy. When OvulaRing has gotten to know your individual cycle pattern the evaluation software also analyzes your likelihood of conceiving.

OvulaRing is free of hormones and side effects

OvulaRing works completely without hormones and is free of plasticisers and side effects. The high level of wearing comfort and tolerability of the material have been confirmed in multiple medical studies.

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* The daily conception probability is usually given from the second cycle onwards, since a learning cycle with ovulation is required for this.

**The ovulation prognosis is usually made for the fourth cycle, since three cycles with ovulation are required as learning cycles. If the ovulation day varies by more than 8 days in the successive cycles, no reliable forecast can be given. This does not affect the calculation of the daily conception probability, which is why OvulaRing can make precise statements even with irregular cycles.

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